Wild Stick

Naturally caught wild spat, grown by nature on sticks! No lab grown oysters here, these beauties have been cultivated by nature and they taste amazing.

Farming of New Zealand Pacific Oysters began back in the 70’s. Since then, New Zealand Pacific Oyster farmers have been dedicated to developing a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

Wild Stick Oysters begin their lives with juvenile oysters (spat) being collected on timber sticks from specific areas where it naturally occurs over the summer months (January to March).

These spat covered sticks are then taken back to the farms and spaced out on racks. Oyster farms are generally located in sheltered harbours or estuaries where the oysters are subjected to two tides per day.

This has proven to be an effective way in producing excellent quality oysters, allowing New Zealand Pacific Oysters to be grown to market size within a year to 18 months.